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Build an Authority Website

If your company has an old website design or poor branding your company is losing to those annoying new companies undercutting your prices or bigger companies engulfing all the customers.
The solution is to refresh your digital presence to appear as a trustworthy market leader that commands your pricing so that clients instantly buy.

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Drive More Traffic

Right now – this very second – your potential customers are looking for your company through Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
Bad news, if they aren’t finding your company, they are finding your competitors.
Strategically driving more traffic is what we do.

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Boost Conversions

Most websites convert an average 1% to 2% of visitors. Would you keep on a salesperson that converted only 1% of their leads?
Our client’s website converts as high as 46% of traffic.
We’ll keep your salespeople busy with requested quotes, renewals, and pick-ups day after day consistently.

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    JP [Founder of Digital Drake] has been a trusted digital marketer and advisor for our company for almost 10 years. His team’s efforts have been the foundation of our company’s success.

    Wes Sonnier, President of BioMedical Waste Solutions
    Wes Sonnier, President of BioMedical Waste Solutions